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>> there was a baby lion that ran across the street. >> it was not a lion, it was a dog whose shat resembles the main of a cat. i i'll leave you with this, one of our producers noticed something in the jack lou signature, a lot of guff from the loopy signature, about its
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possible origins, recognize anything familiar? what a ripoff, jack. good catch, rita. thanks to the d.c. bureau for. captioned by closed captioning services inc. >> i like the icing. all my husband likes is the case, we were meant to be together,. >> shepard: i thought the cake was for the labra-doodle. >> the news begins anew. another suspected school shooter injures at least two people. around the same time the vice-president announced some suggestions from the white house task force on gun control. we'll have the details ahead. plus, at least one city is now reporting a shortage of the flu vaccine as the deadly outbreak continues to spread, and investigators say the father-in-law of the lottery winner who dropped dead had a major debt with the irs.
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and who doesn't. unless breaking news changes, everything on "studio b." >> first from fox, at 3:00 in new york city, another school shooting, less than a month after the deadly massacre at an elementary school in newtown, connecticut and this time is happen just after 9:00 this morning pacific time at a high school in the city of taft, california. a couple of hours northwest of los angeles. the fire department confirms to fox news, two people suffered injuries in the shooting. police holding a news conference, getting underway now. we'll monitor it. in the meantime, extreming video from outside the school, you can see crowds on the sidewalk. officials reportedly evacuated some students to the nearby football field. one local station is reporting it received phone calls from people inside the school, hiding in closets. this is the taft police chief, talking to parents right now outside the school -- i should say right outside the school. police and the fbi searching the
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school building, room by room. adam housely has the story. what do we know about this suspect, adam? >> we're being told it's a student. authorities are not giving a lot of information out. the suspect is in custody. the scene has been cleared. we've been told now it happened in the science building. the suspect apparently entered with a shotgun and shot another stunt. that student was flown, med-evacked to bakersfield 25, miles away to a hospital. no word on the injuries there was a second injured person as well, a teacher. no idea what the injuries were. the teacher refuse treatment on scene, maybe because there were grazed or a scuffle. the good news is that the suspect is in custody, and the student who was shot has been taken to a hospital where they're being treated at this hour. >> shepard: interestingly, some of the first reporting came from kids on their phones.
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reporter: yeah. in fact we got them, too. we jumped on to twitter and right away there were tweets coming from students at the high school -- at least we believe they were students at the high school -- local media said that's were getting phone calls from students, students were alerting each other via text messages, tweets, some were hiding in closets, some went to the football field. and you can see from the pictures, students got out and away from the science building because that's where the shooting was taking place and is was phones, twitter, social media, shepard, that kept them in touch with each other and may have saved lives. >> adam houseley. thanks for their report. we're monitor agnus conference. first, vice-president joe biden vowed to give the pratt list of recommendations on how to reduce gun violence. he expects to give him that list by next tuesday. the vice-president continued to hold meetings with various
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industry and lobby groups. the vice-president said he does not yet have an official set of recommendations but did reveal what hit says are some of the questions. >> a surprising recurrence of suggestionses we have universal background checks. not just close the gun show loophole but total universal background check. i've never quite heard as much talk about the need to do something about high capacity magazines as i've heard, spontaneously. from every group we have met with so far. >> the vice-president also said to meet with representatives from the nra, the gun lobbying group calling for armed guards at every american school. we're live in washington. carl? reporter: some gun groups and members members of congress took offense to the vice-president's strong assertion that in addition to new gun legislation and gun
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regulation, the president may use executive orders to go around congress if that's what it takes in the administration's view in order to clear gun violence. today the vice-president took a different tact, insisting reforms need not undercut the second amount right to bear arm. >> if we save one life, it makes sense and i think we can do a great deal without imposing on or impinging on the rights of the second amendment. reporter: biden emphasized common ground rhetoric and said the threats -- suggested the threats about executive action are overblown. he drew sharp rebuke from second amendment backers, including a group of conservatives in the congress. he said vice-president would do well to revisit he meaning of
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the phrase, shall not be infringed. bike passing congress is not exceptable and is heinous when such actions trample on the guarantees for americans in the bill of rights. >> shepard: the vice-president also meeting with leaders in the entertainment industry and folks who make video games. reporter: the entertain industry will be meeting tonight, mostly movie and television. tomorrow he hosts the video game industry. gun right advocates says there has to be a look at the culture of violence in entertainment. so this shifts attention from the second amount to the first amendment and the protection of free speech. >> shepard: carl, thanks a lot. we're expecting a judge to rule very soon now on whether there is enough evidence to try the suspect in the colorado movie massacre. prosecutors yesterday finished laying out their case against
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the suspect here, james holme. it ended three days of emotional testimony in which hardened police officers broke down on the stand. they described how the suspect planned the rampage for weeks in their estimation, staking out the theater. building a deadly arsenal, and buying thousands and thousands of rounds of ammunition. they say he then stormed the soldout moving screening, killed 12 people. prosecutors showed picture 0 the suspect took of himself on this cell phone. they showed him with black contact lenses, fiery orange hair and a semi automatic hand gun. courtroom observers say holme showed no emotion over the testimony but that changed when he saw his self-portrait. here's the father of a victim. >> he was smiling whole time. he was very, very interested. when it got to the people, he could have cared less. this is a man who doesn't like people.
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he doesn't think of them as human beings. >> shepard: as for the defense, the suspect's attorneys decided against presenting any evidence during the preliminary everything -- hearing. the just must rule tomorrow. >> major domes today as the flu sweeps the united states. some offices and classrooms are empty, while hospitals, emergency rooms are continuing to overflow with crowds. six new deaths reported in illinois today. 18 reported in massachusetts. also, solid new evidence that junior seius time in the nfl directly contributed to husband suicide. that's coming up.
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>> 11 minutes past the hour. news is breaking at 11 past noon on the west coast. this is taft high school in california where there has been
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another school shooting today. at least two people shot at taft union high school in california's san joaquin valley. it happened this morning just before noon -- 9:00 this morning on the west coast. the incident happened at that time and students were evacuated to the football field. now we're waiting nor sheriff to give an update. kget reported at least three ambulances and a med-evac helicopter had been sent to the scene. the captain from the fire department told nbc news that one victim with minor injuries refused treatment, and we're waiting to hear more about the suspect. the sheriff promised some information. we're expecting to get it. i mention, this is in the san joaquin valley, 30 miles southwest of bakersfield. this comes a month after the one in new ton, connecticut, that claimed the lives of 20 children and six adults. again, this sheriff to update us
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on what happen at taft and we're expecting that to begin at any moment. listen. >> gun violence in this country. -- >> i thought we were listening into the news conference. that's our localstance. we can't do that. we thank kero from the feed. only so much to say about this. comes in the middle of a gun control debate. you know the vice-president has come forward today with a number of suggestions, though it's expected now he'll bring his report on potential at least solutions from the administration's view for gun violence at a -- as a -- submit it to the president on tuesday next week. that's what we're hearing, at least. we know the president set a deadline for the end of the month. we're expecting next week. when this news conference gets underway -- looked like it was to start but there's a delay. we'll take you back there. doctors are running into new trouble as the deadly flu outbreak is spreading. now at least one city is reporting a shortage of vaccine.
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remember, the flu bug is widespread across more than 40 states. everything in red here, according to the centers for disease control and prevention in atlanta. and it's already killed, authorities tell us, more than as to children. we expect to get a better picture of the flu season tomorrow when the centers for disease control issues it's updated report. emergency rooms are getting three times the amount of patients. a bigger concern in massachusetts, outside boston, the mayor announced state-run flu clinics have run out of the vaccine. but he says the locals still have plenty of options. >> appears all our local pharmacies, cvs, wall greens, rite-aid, and target, has that available. we ask the public to please check with their store location. we have checked throughout and right now they all have some. some sort of administration costs. so there is amp supply right now in the community.
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>> shepard: then in boston, the city declared a public health emergency yesterday. we're live in boston. molly, how is the scene? >> number of people have the flu and have come forward. they've been trying hard to bring attention to this, convincing people to get flu shots and wash the hands and take all the processes needed to stem the flood of is because the hospitalser very busy in boston. there have been 700 cases. at this time last year there were only 70. and it's a particularly powerful strain of the flu, the type a, h3, influence -- influenza strain. >> how are hospitals handling the increase in patients? reporter: their doors wide open. they're asking people to take all these precautions to cut down on the number of patients. they're not expecting that to
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happen at any time soon. in boston, 85 people came in to be treated for the flu, and across town at massachusetts general hospital, they're also extremely busy. take a listen. >> it's a very crowded emergency department and it's significant flu season. certainly we're on pace to have a flu season at least as bad as one we saw five years ago, and maybe as bad as one about ten years ago. reporter: one of the greatest challenges in boston is the neighborhoods like roxbury, dorchester, primarily minority neighborhoods and places where people live in poverty. the health officials here say those folks don't take off from work and don't have paid days off so they go to work and the flu spreads and that's why they're seeing this bump in numbers. so if you're sick, stay home and keep your kids home from school if they're sick. >> late bring in dr. mitchell
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brooks. thanks. >> you're welcome. >> shepard: a lot of parents are worried about this. is the concern overblown or is this on point? >> i think it's important to have concern, but i think the real issue is to follow the guidelines. make sure your child is vaccinated. make sure you're vaccinated. it's a preventible thing in most cases. not 100% but it's certainly preventible in most cases, and this strain, while a little -- it's type a strain, and all the usual precautions, cover your mouth hope your cough. put the crook of your elbow up to your mouth. wash your hands. take 20-25 seconds to watch your hands before you eat, be careful when you touch doors. bring some hand wash, and if you
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have flu symptoms, most cvs pharmacies have miniclinics and they're effective, staffed by good people, and most of the pharmacies have vaccinations. >> shepard: you hear about kids degree, and it does make you worry. about it's my understanding, doc, most of the people who die with flu, die because of something else, and flu brings down their immune system. >> that's correct. we call those co-morbidities, and it does occurs in peopler who over 65, have heart ore lung disease, and when the strain becomes virulent, people can develop pneumonia and they get in trouble and their systems shut down. of course there was the tragedy in minneapolis where the 14-year-old girl died, and there is would a 17-year-old boy from texas who also died in minnesota. and these things just happen,
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and they're sad and unfortunate, but it's part of the disease process. >> shepard: dr. mitchell brooks. thank you. >> you're william, shep. >> shepard: we're learning more about the guy who dropped dead of cyanide poisoning, and it turns out his family has a couple of skeletons in the closet. the bills and fight over money, and we're about to dig them up. that's next. e announcer ] with r 50 delicious choices of green giant vegetables it's easy to eat like a giant... ♪ and feel like a green giant. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant
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>> the case of the lottery winner would dropped dead is getting more dramatic by the day. cops in chicago say is involves a fighting family, huge amounts of debt, and somebody who wanted this lotto winner dead. investigators say somebody poisoned him with cyanide, and he died just a day after he
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turned in his winning scratchoff ticket worth a million bucks before taxes. there's now word the victim's father-in-law owed more than 120 grand in unpaid taxes. both he and the victim's widow, who you see here, have hired criminal defense attorneys. police grilled the wife for hours and searched her home. her father's attorney says the pair had nothing to do with this death. >> they were already wealthy before he won the lottery. and she didn't have anything financially to gain by his death. >> the victim's brother says the widow tried to cash the huge check just days after his death. now that brother claims the couple wasn't even legally married and she is not entitled to one thin dime. let's bring in he chicago sun times reporter, jeremy, the first to break this story. jeremy, you have been -- you kind of stumbled pop this in the beginning. right? >> that's correct, shep. i've been busy covering the 500
12:25 pm
plus homicides this year, and i'm sure that you've been following that story. 87% of all the homicide victims last year were by gun shot, but this one stood out. this is very up usual. very seldom do we hear about somebody killed by way of poisoning. >> shepard: you spoke to the wife, right? how did that go? >> the first time i spoke with the wife was last week. she did not want to talk about the homicide investigation. all she wanted to do was rave about her husband, how much she loved him, how much of a great father he was, how generous he was, and basic biographical information. came from india in 1989 with nothing. worked his way up, owning five condominiums, a couple of dry cleaning businesses. a couple days -- well, a couple days ago, i should say, when the story blew up, she didn't -- she still was a very reluctant to
12:26 pm
talk about the case itself. and was clearly very distract about the whole thing with the coverage. i know today we spoke with her, my colleague, annie sweeney, and she basically told us that when she was interviewed by the police four-plus hours, she talked about preparing his last meal, which was lamb curry, and -- >> shepard: she didn't put any cyanide in the meal? >> she said she couldn't imagine why anyone would want to poison her husband or kill her husband. >> shepard: the wife's lawyer says she wasn't entitled to anything. does your reporting suggest that is true? >> that's kind of the point of contention. the case, as you probably followed this in probate court right now, there's battle between the $425,000 check between the wife and khan's brothers and sisters. they're worried that khan's
12:27 pm
teenage daughter, whom he had from a previous marriage, won't be entitled to any of the winnings. so that's kind of the point of contention right now. as far as the lottery winnings go. according to court documents. >> shepard: big digs tomorrow? >> no. no. tomorrow there's going to be a formal court hearing downtown. talking about the exhumation. i'm not sure if they're going to set a date for when that will take place but i'm told it's going to happen in the next week or two. >> shepard: jeremy good, work. thank you. well, the president today healed jack lieu, the man he picked to replace timothy geithner has a history of balancing budgets. of course one senator is out to block the nomination. the feds today unveiled new mortgage rules they say will change the home-buying process for most of us americans. in what way?
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>> shepard: just a minute ago i was speaking with a reporter oh has been working hard on the story of the man who died after he won the lottery. the reporter who was with us, i said he was from she chicago sun times. he is not. he is from she chicago tribune.
12:32 pm
right now there's breaking news. taft, california, school shooting this morning. suspect in custody. the sheriff with a live update. let's listen. >> didn't show up for school this morning. for the first period, he then interrupted the class halfway through it, armed with a shotgun. he fired the first round, striking another student. that student is at the hospital, a 16-year-old who is in critical condition. but stable at this point. he then tried to engage a second student that he named, and tried to shoot him and missed. the teacher at that point was trying to get the students out of the classroom, and engage the shooter, who had numerous rounds of shotgun shell in his pockets and engaged the suspect in conversation. the campus supervisor showed up outside the classroom and together they engaged in conversation with this young man, and at one point he put the
12:33 pm
shotgun down and police officers were able to take him into custody. during the melee of people -- the children trying to get out, we had one student that -- the shotgun was fired close to her ear. she is at the hospital with possible hearing damage. another student fell over the tables trying to get out, and she received some minor injuries. that's where we're at at at this point. i'd like to introduce the chief of police, ed whiting. >> good afternoon, whiting, the police chief of the city of taft. i'd like let you know that the family members and the victim are in our thoughts and prayers for their speedy recovery, and we are very fortunate to have the kind of response we did today because of a very good working relationship with the kern county sheriff's department. the officers have received training in active shooter.
12:34 pm
they did respond as per the policy, and i think the best i can tell you is that we want to really commend the teacher and a campus supervisor for all they did to bring this to a very quick resolution before anybody else was harmed. we know the student involved. we know the teacher. we know the campus supervisor. they're some really awesome people. they did a great job in protecting the kids, and we can't thank them enough for what they did today. and i'd like to at this time introduce kevin mccarthy. >> kevin mccarthy. first, our thoughts and prayers goes to the victim. his time of need is right now. and we know he is getting the best care possible.
12:35 pm
i first want to commend the teacher. he saved many lives today. his actions, his time, his ability, what he did to protect the student there secondly i want to thank this entire school district. every semester they do training. they had training this morning at 7:30. they're prepared for the worst-case scenario, and they acted properly. and to all law enforcement. the short amount of response time here, the protection of the students in a way the school district has carried this out, making sure -- as we all know, hearing news, parents knowing where their students are and the way they were protected and keep them back. so, our prayers to all, as we go forward. for those who were injured, at the same time thanking the law enforcement and the school district for their preparedness and their action, and most importantly to the teacher. his actions were right. the actions he took saved others.
12:36 pm
and protected many. >> sheriff, what can you tell us about the shooter? age? motivation in. >> 16-year-old student that was a member of the class where the shooting took place. obviously there have been a dialogue between the victim that's critical and the suspect before this morning. we know that the -- but the 9-1-1 calls -- we believe that the suspect was a short distance from school. we believe he picked up the 12 gauge shotgun and walked into the school, armed with the shotgun, and one of the neighbors we believe called 9-1-1 to report that. of course, he is in the school at that point, and the response of the taft police department and the sheriff's deputies was really, really quick. and if it weren't for the teacher and the quick response, we don't know what might have happened. had several -- maybe as many as 20 rounds of shotgun in --
12:37 pm
rounds in his pocket, so we don't know what might have happened. this is a tragedy but nose as bad as it might have been. >> sheriff, can you tell us whether this student had been investigated last year in an incident regarding a hit list? >> i have no information on that at this point. >> was he bullied. >> there was some conversation this morning about a bullying. we have not confirmed that is an issue at this point but obviously something occurred for this student to come in with a shotgun. >> do know anything about the allegation or rumor that the student is accused in the shooting had some kind of investigation last year rerding a hit list? >> i'm not aware of one. it's still early in the investigation and we'll get to be able to answer those questions at some later time. right now we can't answer them. >> i'm not clear. the teacher, was he injured? >> the teacher did receive a
12:38 pm
pellet wound, we believe to the head. when i talked to him this morning, he was fine. obviously emotionally distraught. this was a tragedy for the teacher and the students. but he did receive a wound to the head. >> how long hey he been a teach center. >> i have no idea. mr. mcdermott? iwant to say approximately three years. >> are we nameing the teacher? >> we're not a. [inaudible] >> you know, when -- he said the student was armed with the shotgun, and when he started the dialogue, the shotgun was pointed in different directions. he is not sure how many rounds were fired, which is not uncommon at the time of the shootings. he went -- he said as the dialogue started with him and the campus supervisor, who was just outside the room, the
12:39 pm
student was still armed with the shotgun, and they stayed in -- i think probably distracted him in conversation, allowing students to get out of the classroom and talk the student town. >> can you talk about trying to talk with someone who you have no weapon -- >> say could ton christians the student -- >> i toast know his exact words or the campus supervisor. they're being interviewed at this standpoint by detectives. i don't know what the conversation was. >> being a law enforcement officer and trying to talk down someone, you're unarmed, they have a gun pointed at you and you're trying to talk them down. >> the heroics of these two people goes without saying. to stand there and facing someone with a shotgun, who has already discharged it and shot a student, that says -- speaks volumes for these two young men and what they may have prevent. they could have just as easily tried to get out of the classroom and left students, and they didn't. they knew not to let him leave that classroom with that shot
12:40 pm
gun and we're very proud of them. [inaudible] >> i'm sorry? >> how many students were at risk? >> in the classroom, it looks like about 28 students in the classroom. >> by talking to this young man, may have saved 20 or 30 lives? >> what we do know he was armed with a shotgun. he shot someone. he tried to shoot one else. the teacher is trying to get the students to evacuate during the back door. during that process the teacher and campus supervisor engaged him in conversation and allowing the students to get out, and then he put the weapon down. >> 0 shotgun rounds on him. >> these are 12-gauge, and we -- we haven't inspected the type of ammunition yet, but -- it could be bird shot, and could be a mixture. i don't know. >> was he wearing protective fear? >> not that i know of.
12:41 pm
>> -- [inaudible] >> they did not. >> spur of the moment by the shooter? >> i don't know. we're in the process of interrogating him and trying to find out what caused this incident. >> a target of this, you believe? >> the student that in critical condition we believe was an intended target -- one intended target of the suspect, yes. >> other possible targets? >> yes. he named a second one he tried to shoot and evidently missed. >> in the same room. >> in the same room. >> do you know where he got the shotgun? >> we do not. we have witnesses who saw him entering the campus carrying the shot gun. they called 9-1-1. that started the chain reaction of law enforcement and the campus supervisor was in the office, told -- there's shot fired go to the room, and he dade. >> where are parents being asked to pick up their kids. >> they're at the front of the school. they have to have i.d. we want to be able to account
12:42 pm
for all the kids. >> a lot of presence of law enforcement there? were they going through room by woman. >> we certainly didn't know we had one shooter and one serious critical victim. so, the entire cool had -- entire school had to be gone through. we'll be here the rest of the day going through backpacks in the classroom to make sure there are no more firearms. we have a lot of work to do. >> tell me about the training performed this morning and how it may happen helped? >> the superintendent mcdermott might be able to tell you about the 70:00 training. >> one of the that thatting important to make sure you're trained and prepared for everything. this morning we had a staff meeting, and during that particular staff meeting, one of the main, important aspects of it that we were talking about, that was being talked about, was the lock down process in case any type of emergency on campus took place. >> so they trained for it, but who would have thought it would go down quite like this?
12:43 pm
16-year-old guy, as the sheriff and police chief tell the story, shows up at school. doesn't go to class, instead comes in with a 12-gauge shot gun, and targets not one but two of his other schoolmates. took the shotgun and fired it right at one student. that student is critical, it's my understanding. at any rate in hospital. tried to shoot a second person, according to sheriff but he either missed or something went wrong. then a teacher with the right mind, was able to sort of talk him off the proverbial ledge. some of the students able to get out of the classroom and were able too subdue the shooter. and now they're getting on with their day. 20 rounds in his pocket, according to the sheriff. 16 members in the classroom. and his idea was to target these two students. why? you heard the local reporters suggest he may have been a target of bullying. you heard from the local reporters hey may have hat a
12:44 pm
hitly -- hit list last year. we know one kidneys trouble in -- one kid is in trouble in a hospital and another one is lucky, the teacher is being treated, and what a day in taft, california, where, yet again, student with a gun has come in and changed the lives of young boys and girls. our thanks to kero television in taft for help covering the story. >> up next, jack lew treasury secretary. i don't think they're going to mint the twin dollar coin. if that do they will put a squiggly on top and squall -- call it a day. ÷÷
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>> shepard: 14 minutes before the hour now on "studio b." the president nominating his current chief of staff, jack lew, to replace tim geithner.
12:48 pm
before jack lew joined the white house administration he served as the chief operating officer of citigroup's global wealth management and served as president bill clinton's budget director and crafted a bipartisan agreement that sparked budget surpluses. the president said the loss of jack lew as his chief of staff will be the country's gain. >> i trust his friendship, very few people with greater integrity than the man to my left. so i don't want to see him go because it's working out well for me to have him here in the white house. >> shepard: but he already had some strong opposition. especially from the top republican lawmaker, jack session, who said, jack lew must never be secretary of the treasury. we have the author of the book, how winners -- jeff sessions can
12:49 pm
say that. >> this is all about -- >> how can he say thing. >> this is posturing for the big battle everybody knows is coming. the first thing lew will do, the debt ceiling standoff, budget cuts, the same battle we have been hearing about and everythinges posturing for that. >> shepard: the signature aside -- i'm bored with the signature item -- there's never been much opposition or crying about jack lew before? >> he is almost a cipher to people outside of washington. he has been a washington insider and obama would be happy to have a guy who can get through without a lot of controversial because he will have a fight over chuck hagel. already pulled susan rice. so jack lew has worked with everybody on the hill, republicans and democrats, that's where the came from-spend the early part of his career. everybody knows him, a touch
12:50 pm
negotiator -- a tough negotiator. >> shepard: a very big player with a lot of work to do. you talk about what's coming up in march with the debt ceiling fight. the president already said he is not negotiating. >> of course and the republicans have drawn a line in the sand. so we have the starting point. now we have to see if either side is going to meet in the third medical. circumstances will force them to do something because if it goes up to the last second the last time they fought this battle, the marked tanked and that there will have to be some compromise. >> shepard: we get these red alerts on the wire services. the pentagon just come out talking about how they would cut in case they did come up to this debt limit, because it's going to affect everyone in the country, and for that matter, around the world. >> and if you're a business or even a huge organization like the pentagon, you can't wait until the last minute and say, oh, we got to cut 50 billion? ust take that out
12:51 pm
tomorrow. doesn't work that way there are a lot of big companies -- ceos pulling their hair out, investors and wall street analysts don't know what to think. will the money be in the budget? flowing into the economy? it's a huge decision. a disgrace it has to go down to the last second but that is what we have gotten used to with this group in washington. >> shepard: we certainly have. thank you. researchers took a close look at junior seaus a brain after hi killed himself, and what they found shows just how much damage his years in the nfl may have done. here we go. my doctor told me calcium
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is efficiently absorbed in small continuous amounts. citracal slow release continuously releases calcium plus d with efficient absorption in one daily dose. citracal slow release.
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>> shepard: the former nfl standout junior seau likely had a degenerative brain disease caused by years of head trauma
12:55 pm
when he shot and killed himself. according to researchers who studied his brain. the national institutes of health reports the disease is found in athletes who have taken frequent blows to the head. junior seau shot himself in the chest last may and joined a handful of inflame players who committed suicide. researchers found his type of brain disease in more than a does other former nfl players. jonathan hunt is with is. is there a conclusive evidence that this contributed to his suicide? >> we spoke to the doctors who did this study today, and they say they cannot make that direct link at this point. what they are certain of is that junior seau was suffering from what is called chronic traumatic encephalopathy. caused by repeated blows to he head during his nfl career, and clearly feel it may, may have contributed to the suicide.
12:56 pm
listen. >> we do know that some of these neurocognitive and behavioral patterns have been reported in individuals that have had this disorder diagnosed after they've passed away. including suicidal ideation, impulsivity, memory loss. agency. those things have retrospectively been reported by family members and friends in individuals who have been subsequently found to have cte. >> junior seaus a family certainly seemed to believe this did contribute to his suicide. they say he was suffering wild mood swings, irritability, depression, symptoms they believe caused by the brain disease and brought about the suicide. >> shepard: what are we getting from the nfl? >> the nfl issued a statement which says in part, quote, the nfl both directly and in partner ship with ih, centers for disease control and other leading organizations is committed to supporting a wide
12:57 pm
range of independent medical and scientific research that will both address cte and promote the long-term health and safety of athletes at all levels we have work to do. they went on to say, and we're doing it. the nfl is being sued by the families of other former players, including dave duerson and ray ester ling, both of whom committed suicide after their nfl careers. and the whole question of how well the nfl, teams and coaches, looks after the health of players, brought into sharp vision this weekend after rg3, re-injurying a knee and question weather he should have been playing at all. >> shepard: a lot to be said about that. thanks very much. we'll be right back.
12:58 pm
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